Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The crazy lady

Well my friends, I have decided something about myself.  I AM the crazy lady.

Two cases in point:

(1)  A couple of neighbours that we were really close with suddenly ditched us shortly after the birth of our son.  Sure, I was up to my ears with a colicky baby and probably suffering from post-partum but they knew this and to this day, our friendship is still pretty well off.  Full details here.

(2) My other neighbours will sit in their car until I go in my house just to avoid me.

Yes, it's true.

This past summer, my next door neighbours put an addition on our fence in the backyard (so now it's 8 feet tall) and then proceeded to erect a 6 foot fence on our rooftop decks.  The later fence REALLY ticked me off because we had a beautiful, open and airy rooftop deck for the past 10 years.  That deck was THE selling point on our house and one of the main reasons I fell in love with our house when we bought it.  It had a gorgeous view of the downtown/south skyline.  Now, all I see is this atrocious 6 foot fence.  Our breeze, light and view are gone.  The sunrise is completely blocked.  Nevermind that our property value has most likely dropped because we no longer have a gorgeous view of the skyline.

These neighbours moved in just over a year ago and from the start, I found them sugary sweet and fake.  I was friendly and polite to them until they put this fence up.  I had a bad afternoon one day and when they were up there building their fence, I went out and flipped out on them.  I know I probably did come off a bit bonkers but when they previously "discussed' their fence plans with me, I said I was not in favour of it because I enjoy the deck the way it is and they basically gave me their signature sugary smiles and said "too bad, it's on our property line and it's within the by-law so we can do whatever we want".  They have this really self-important and condescending way about them, in addition to their sugary fakeness.

Things haven't been great between us since.  They avoid me like the plague and actually say hi to my husband (but not me) when we see them.  Why am I being treated like the bad person here when they have really brought this upon themselves?

So, the other evening, I arrived home with my son at the same time as these neighbours.  My son loves to dawdle along and look at everything in the 30 feet from the car to the house.  You can try to rush him along but it just makes him dig in his heels.  Meanwhile, my neighbours sat in their car, waiting for us to go in.  Imagine being held captive in your car by the crazy lady and her equally crazy toddler!

As we got into the house, their car doors opened and they snuck into their house.  I looked through the mail and guess what was in there?  A sugary sweet Christmas card from yours truly.  I just about threw it in the garbage.  

Does this add up?  Avoiding me like the plague and being rude when they do see me but at the same time giving us a Christmas card?  I told my DH about this later that evening and his response was for me to make sure we gave them a Christmas card in return.  I grumbled at this and he said "oh stop being you!".  

ME???  What, stop being the crazy lady?  Never.


Laural Dawn said...

Now I know why we get along. Crazy attracts crazy.
They don't know what they are missing by avoiding your friendship.

Greg said...

They're clearly intimidated by you, which might mean that they move on sooner rather than later.

And, you know what? They're going to need you to be super nice when their realtor is showing people around. Hmm.... the house looked a whole lot nicer without that fence and the scary woman next door.

Hold tight.

citygirl said...

Greg, you always make me smile and restore my confidence - thank you!!!

citygirl said...

Greg, you always make me smile and restore my confidence - thank you!!!