Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On my 32nd birthday

I went to see my mom. I think it's very important to see your mom on your birthday -I think it's kind of like your "anniversary" with her.

My mom has had Alzheimer's disease for about 15 years now so she lives in a long term care facility. It's a beautiful facility and I can sleep at night knowing that she's being well cared for.

In the past year or so, my mom's declined quite a bit so when she's having a "good" day, it's really nice to see. Today she had a good day.

Lately, she's been saying more words, showing facial expressions, smiling and focusing better which is weird. Patients lose these abilities and usually don't regain them. And she's moving her arms & legs more than usual too.

I laughed and asked her if she was going to be the first person to recover from Alzheimers and she said yes. I said "if you stand up out of that wheelchair and start walking & talking, I'll faint". She smiled/laughed. I then wondered aloud if they'll ever find a cure for it and wouldn't be amazing if she somehow helped find a cure.

To top off this nice evening, it was beautiful outside (very warm for late September) and there were a ton of little birds in the big maple tree singing like crazy. It was such a nice moment so I took a couple pictures (with my self timer).

Want to know more about Alzheimers? Click here http://www.asmt.org/