Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This past weekend, I had either food poisoning or some kind of nor-virus. I barfed...and barfed and barfed. And then I had such a pounding headache from the barfing (there was a ton of pressure!) that I was praying for death at some points.

I contacted the restaurant that I ate at (Casey's) and they have not responded at all (nice). I also contacted the city's public health department on advice from a coworker since our city monitors restaurants and illnesses. The City was really good - they called me back right away and conducted a full interview of where I've been/what I've eaten/etc. They told me that there is a high number of cases of a nor-virus in the city right now so that is a possibility...especially since I was visiting a nursing home within the 48 hours beforehand. Lovely.

I'm recovering from the stomach ailment but in other health news, my throat has been kinda sore & swollen on and off for a few days. The swelling actually spread into the roof of my mouth at one point which was really uncomfortable and weird. The swelling in the roof is going down but now my tongue is feeling swollen! How weird is that? Honnestly, I have never felt such weirdness going on in my mouth. My tongue feels too big for my mouth and I keep accidentally biting the sides. Plus I feel like my speech is a bit off. It's hard to pronounce words when your tongue is too big for your mouth! So that's why I titled this entry "huh?" because I feel like a lot of people must be wanting to say that to me these past couple of days!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chef the Crossing Guard

On my way to work this morning, I saw one of our neighbourhood crossing guards and finally realized who he reminds me of. Chef from South Park. He looks exactly like him! (BTW, this is my first picture on my blog - how exciting!)

This crossing guard guy cracks me up. Every morning, he's out there giving "props" to all the kids who just love him. The kids get all their fists clenched and ready to receive their daily greeting from their trusty crossing guard. I imagine him saying in Chef's voice "hello there Childrens..." They must look forward to seeing him every morning on their way to school. Geez, I look forward to seeing him just because he makes me smile at 8am (which is pretty hard to do!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This weekend, I heard the phrase "okay buddy" TOO many times!!! The context it was used in is an adult speaking to a child. I don't have kids but I see many different parenting styles through relatives and friends.

The one style that irks me is when the children are clearly out of control, obnoxious and rude while the parents stand by and allow it. This weekend, I was visiting with such children. Their parents use the phrase "okay buddy" almost constantly and in an apologetic/coaxing/hopeful tone. I'll show examples of this through scenes:

Child is clearly mishandling their pet to the point of hurting pet. This is not the first time the child has done this and is never really disciplined or told firmly NOT to do this. Instead, the parent coos "hey...don't do that to the pet...okay buddy????". Not much later, the kid is dragging the pet around again. I think children can sense tones and limits. These kids KNOW their parents are not going to punish them.

Another scene, from a few weeks ago....we're in church and it's been snowing outside so we're all wearing messy winter boots. One of these kids keeps bringing his feet up on the seat, quasi-lying down. This kid is old enough that he's not in need of a nap. He's just a restless kid in church. I tell him a few times to not put his feet on the seat (because his parents are just ignoring his behaviour as usual).

I actually explain to this kid that his boots are messy (like duh, he doesn't know that) and that people wear nice clothes to church so he shouldn't put his feet on the seat (and I'm sitting beside him and his frigging feet keep wiping across my good coat).

He openly, loudly and with attitude says he "doesn't care if people wear nice clothes to church and his boots get the seats dirty". WTF!?!?!? OMG I can't stand it. Finally, another adult in our group says "hey buddy....don't put your feet on the seat....okay buddy???". The kid complies for a whole 5 minutes and is back at it.

Sure, I'm not a parent and I have next to no experience in kids but this is absurd. Why do some parents take this soft approach with their kids???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dear Diary...

Over the holidays, a younger relative received a journal as a present. It was a gorgeous little book. This sparked a question among the group "who currently keeps/used to keep a journal?".

I did. Back in grade 7, it was part of our class. Our teacher insisted that we journal everyday (about whatever we'd like...home, school, friends...etc) if possible and hand the journals into her. She'd read our entries and make comments back to us in the journal. This was nice. The teacher got to know her students on a one-to-one level, we got to share things with a trusted adult and it was a good daily exercise of our creative writing, spelling and etc.

Until one day...

Two things happened: (1) it was parent/teacher interviews and the teacher whipped out our journals and read through them with our parents. That's pretty bad when you're writing out things that you thought were going to be personal between you & your teacher (so called trusted adult!). I wrote that I was afraid of someone in my extended family. Yep, that got laid out and my mom came home and pretty soon, my whole household was notified of this. Most of my family didn't think I had reason to be scared of this person but trust me, it turns out my 12 year old instincts were RIGHT ON. Years later, it was revealed this person was a raging abusive alcoholic to his wife (who has since left him).

(2) the other thing that happened to the journals was that the teacher left them in her IN tray on her desk through the lunch hour. I lived close to the school so I went home for lunch (about 25% of our class went home for lunch). So the other 75% of students would look through the journals and read them aloud to the people who stayed in for lunch. And yes, you can deduct there was no proper supervision during lunch time. There were just hall monitors who would walk from classroom to classroom poking their heads in to make sure everyone was still alive. Of course, you have issues with people in your class when you're in grade 7 so any issues I had were broadcast for all to hear. Our teacher finally clued in and took the journals with her when she went for lunch.

So...back to the original question of who currently journals. I haven't journalled in years...probably because of the unfortunate things that happened way back. But I think blogging qualifies as journalling so here I go!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thank you Dr. Freud

I was talking with a co-worker about Christmas/New Years yesterday and realized something about my roller coster of emotions over the holidays.

I would go from extreme events where people are happy and basically cracked right up about Christmas to sitting by myself with my mom at her nursing home.

My mom cannot really talk or walk anymore. She sits in her wheelchair watching tv/listening to music (I think she still processes it) while I talk and watch her expressions. I also give her a mini manicure while I'm there...I've heard that touch therapy is very good.

So when I think about it, it's no wonder I was happy to see life go back to normal. Some events I attended were showcases of pure gluttony, selfishness and over-indulgence. And these were friends/family events.

These people know that my mom is ill and I don't think anyone asked me about her/when I was going to see her. I brought it up a couple of times and vaguely asked some people to come with me (I know it's hard for people to go to visit someone in a nursing home so I don't push it but make it that the door's open and I'd love company). And people were just so into themselves that they really didn't respond. It means alot to me when someone asks me how my mom is...it really, really does. It's a situation that I've handled for years now and it's a very lonely road.

So there you have it...my armchair analysis of my relief to see the new year!

Monday, January 7, 2008

1 book found

I thought you'd want to know what happened to my 6 books that I "released" on Friday. One of them got picked up & registered as "found" on bookcrossing.com

The other 5 books? They're still out there...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Free the books!

Have you heard of bookcrossing.com? It's a website where you register a book and then go leave it somewhere for a stranger to find. It's really fun when someone finds your book. It's like a giant game of hide and seek the book - worldwide. I found out about this site when I was visiting Mexico and I found a book that was left in my hotel room when I checked in. I was hooked.

Today, I "released" 6 books in a shopping centre not far from my work. It's a lot harder to drop books here & there than it sounds! Do you know how many weird looks I get from people when I just leave a book down and walk away? Thank G*d nobody has come chasing after me with a book yet. I get pretty psyched up when I am looking for a place to leave my books and then race back to bookcrossing.com to see if anyone picks them up and registers their "find"!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buh buh tree!

So....nice opening post to 2008 that I made. How sad! I took down the Christmas tree last night (as it was tree pick up in my area today) and I'm starting to feel back to normal. No more spontaneous tears!

Going to see my mom tonight. Bought a huge box of Laura Secord chocolates to take to the nursing staff to wish them a Happy New Year (ok...I was supposed to do this on behalf of my family for Christmas and goofed up so I'm doing it now!).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First post ever

Hey...so it's 2008 and I thought I'd finally try out blogging. I'm thinking it will be like free talk therapy! I can just post my miscellaneous thoughts and get them off my mind and be anonymous :)

One thing that I've been thinking over the past 24 hours is that I'm glad and relieved the holidays are over. I'm not "bah humbug" but I really don't feel like I enjoy the holidays anymore. The last few years have been tough. My mom is terminally ill (she's been sick for many years and is in the last stage of a horrible disease) and the rest of my family is the definition of dysfunctional. The holidays play havoc with my emotions. I am glad life is returning to the everyday normal!