Monday, April 28, 2008

A General Update

I haven't been blogging very faithfully and I know that my readers (if I have any?) must be sitting on the edge of their seats wondering about some cliffhangers that I've left in the past few weeks. So I thought I'd do a general update entry.

Update #1: Did I apply for the job? Yes I did! I got my guts together (with the help of my friends prompting me) and applied. I applied on the last possible day at the last possible hour. Ahhhh... feels good to have taken the plunge. Maybe it'll go nowhere as I have my suspicions paranoia theories that a lot of job postings are already filled and are just posted for looks. We'll see!

I had a crazy dream about this last night though: Somehow, I found out for sure that this job posting was rigged and was totally t-ed at the head of HR. So much so that I recruited a friend and we pelted the hr guy with walnuts (in their shells). My last throw hit him so hard that it made a hole in his sweater. At that point, my friend & I took off running. While running, my friend pulled out a canister of cashews and wanted to stop into a church to get pepper to sprinkle on them. That was it. Weird eh!??

Update #2: Is my DH still in that horrible job? Yes. There's been a lot of sh*t going on at his job over the past few months. A few weeks ago, it got to the point that DH called in sick for a few days because he just needed to get some space and perspective on it.

By the end of his self-imposed hiatus, DH went back to work to put in his transfer papers. Management freaked and refused to even let him file his papers. They didn't know that the sh*t had gotten to the point it had gotten to (or they did and were just not sure what to do). Either way, the kingpin of the jerks was hauled in by management and told he was being transferred asap. This transfer still hasn't happened but we're hoping that once this occurs, the rest of the jerks will stop their crap. You know how the theory goes...cut the head off the snake...

Update #3: How's my smelly cat? He's awesome. No more pooping around the house.

And that crazy weight loss? It was totally a mistake on the vet's part. A relief for me but at the same time, a very big "doh!" on the vet's work. There was never any weight loss. The vet had weighed my cat inside his carrier last year and without his carrier this year...hence, the crazy weight loss 6 lb difference. The vet that weighed him last year is that Dr. that is not very fond of cats so she didn't even bother taking him out of his carrier for his weigh-in. The Dr. this year is the nice Dr. who actually handles cats when they come in and weigh them on the scale without their carriers. PHEW!!!!

Update #4: How's my mum? She's okay. Nothing has really changed but I thought I keep all my readers updated. Speaking of my mom, I had a really weird phone call from an old friend last week that I'm still thinking about. This is how it went:

Me: Hello

Friend: are you?

Me: Uh, fine...we haven't talked in ages! (I've actually called her tons of times and left messages but never received any calls back)

Friend: well, first off, I wanted to get some information from you that I know you have (blah blah blah...)

After I give her the info, she says "geez...we haven't talked in so long. How have you been doing? How's your mommmmmyy...has she passed away yet?"

OMG. WHO ASKS THAT???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I answered as best as I could by saying "yeah...she's fine. Still chugging along. But if something happened, don't you think I would have called you?". She said something about it being so long since we've talked that she wasn't sure if I would have called. I didn't even get into the number of unanswered messages that I've left over the past year. I was at work so I made an excuse to end the conversation. I am still reeling. What a bizarre thing to ask someone!

That's all for the updates to get my eyebrows waxed. I know a fellow blogger who will smile about that :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help Wanted?

I am considering applying for a different job at work that was recently posted. It's right up my alley and in the field I have a degree in. I've been working at my company for many years now in a job that I don't want to do the rest of my life. It's not a career-type job as far as I'm concerned.

So...the deadline for applications for this posting is in 2 days. Should I apply? I'm feeling oddly nervous about the whole thing. I find that postings at my work are often just lip service...i.e. they already have someone basically lined up for the position but they post it anyways just to make it appear to be a fair competition.

And... my current job is good right now. I like the people I work with and have mastered everything at my desk. The new job would be with people I don't know and I'm not sure I want to know! Yes, comfort and familiarity are lulling me into not applying. But my future is calling me. What should I do?!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fresh Obsessed

"Fresh Obsessed" - it is a nice little slogan that a grocery chain uses and it also describes me in a way. I can't help it. I always check expiry dates of items when I'm shopping and when I take items out of the fridge. It's so hard-wired into me that I sometimes do it without even noticing! My in-laws catch me peeking at dates on items at their houses and tease me. I honnestly can't help myself!

I also discard of leftovers within 48 hours; I think that's pretty reasonable. My DH laughs at me and calls me the "fridge nazi". He's the exact opposite. Before we lived together, he'd let things literally rot in his fridge. It was SO disgusting.

This weekend, I was at a friend's house and went to get the mayo out of the fridge. Expiry: May 2007. OMG!!! Experiences like that confirm and fuel my obsession. The mayo looked perfectly normal in the jar (I didn't open it - checked date first) but a year past expiry? Yeeeech.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beep Beep!

If you asked my DH, he would say he is an excellent driver and I am an adequate driver. This often appears to be the case with men and women. I say appears because I often find men think they're superior drivers to women. Sure, maybe this is true in some cases and in someways.

My DH gently points out when he thinks I'm doing something wrong when I'm driving. And as gentle as he is somedays, I just want to scream "get in the backseat if you're going to be a backseat driver!". Two things that drive my DH insane is that I don't check my mirrors often enough (hello, my mirrors are useless and I was never taught about mirrors - bad, but true!) and he also doesn't think I'm aware enough of things. He thinks I should have a grid in my head of all the cars around me (like 5 cars ahead, behind and beside). I argue that this "grid" is constantly changing and I've got other things to worry about!

My DH volleys back that when he learned to drive, some of the first things he learned were to constantly check his mirrors (like every 8 seconds or something crazy?!) and have a picture in his mind of all the cars around him (easy when you live in the middle of nowhere!). I reminded my DH that he learned to drive in the middle of nowhere while I learned to drive in the city. And when you learn to drive in the city, there's no grace period or learning curve - you're put right out there into crazy traffic and you'd better learn to swim or sink! Does this post ring some bells for you? Yes, it's loosely related to an earlier post about city vs country.

One thing my DH (and his family) fail to recognize is the set of skills it takes to drive in a big city. I brought this up this past weekend as a conversation piece and they quickly realized and agreed that city driving is quite different from country driving. They noted that when they visit us, that driving in the city is quite different (I think nerve-wracking is the word they were looking for). There's literally a million cars, bicyclists in tiny "bike lanes", taxis galore, pedestrians crossing legally & illegally everywhere, insane laws about when/where you can/can't turn....the list goes on.

I think if you drive & stay alive in the city, you deserve the title of EXCELLENT DRIVER - just like those country folks! Bravo to all my fellow city drivers!!