Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Life

My son has arrived. A new life in the world. I'm overwhelmed, confused (hey, I'm a first time mom - nothing makes any sense to me!) and grateful all at the same time. He's healthy and happy and really, that's all that matters. I laugh and cry within seconds. It's crazy.

I look at him and cannot believe he's here. I am someone's mother (!!!). One day, he'll love me like I loved my mother. He'll miss me when I'm away. He'll cry for me. It's overwhelming that I've put another person in this position. A person that I've made.

I put off having children for years because I was so scared to put someone in the position I found myself in for so many years. But now, he's here. I hope I can be a good mom. I hope he loves me to bits. Even though I took care of my mom for 16 years, this feels like a whole new game.

I wish my mom was here to meet him and help me. My DH has been amazing. So amazing that I cry. I have met a completely different side of him that I never knew existed. My siblings have been amazing too ~ this baby has brought them closer to me. And my friends, I couldn't live without.

I'll keep you updated my readers...citymom