Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Babe's First Noel

Well, here I am on December 23, getting ready to celebrate the first Christmas with my own child. I have such mixed emotions from happiness to complete heartbreak. Wishing my mom was here but looking at my own child hoping he enjoys his first Christmas (even though he's only 5 months old!). I miss my mom terribly during holidays. It still stings. Funny, I smile about my son wailing when I leave the room...he misses me even when I just leave the room. If he only knew how much I understand about missing someone.

My family won't be together on Christmas Day which saddens me a bit. I had hoped this Christmas would be different. To be fair, the boycotting sibling from last year is away this year on holiday (yeah, nice timing...anyways) but at least s/he's not all out avoiding like last year. We'll be seeing the other sibling so that's good. Boycotter sibling said maybe we'll see each other when s/he returns from holiday. Whatever. It doesn't seem to bother me as much this year as last year.

Funny, as I read this as I'm typing, I thought about something. Technically, MY family WILL BE together this Christmas. I have my DH and my son. I guess I still think about my siblings as "my" family but maybe I should start to think about my own little family now first.

I hope my fellow bloggers have a good holiday season...I know it's tough when you have a parent with Alzheimers during the holidays. And special thoughts to Greg...I'll be thinking of you on this First Noel.

Till next year,