Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twenty Years

I'm a little last posting this, but better late than never, right?  

It's been 20 years since my dad passed away.  Twenty years since the wheels were set in motion for my mom to suffer for years-on-end with Alzheimer's.  Twenty years since I grew up overnight.

It's amazing to realize that I have survived and I am a pretty strong person who has done pretty well in life (or at least I think so!).  I'm not the most confident person in real life but when I reflect on the past 20 years, I feel pretty confident inside.

There are times in everyone's lives when you don't think you're going to make it and can't imagine where life will take you.  I never imagined where I would be now but I'm pretty happy that I'm here.

I don't know where the next 20 years will take me but I'm excited about them.  My new chapter is unfolding and I am loving every moment.  (I wonder if "blogging" will still be around in 20 years?!)